Chicken, Corn & Sausage Bisque

chickenCornBisqueEver since I tried the chicken, corn & sausage bisque from the Rajun Cajun food truck I’ve been obsessed with it. I didn’t want to search for the truck every time I had a craving for this cajun style corn chowder so I had to figure it out for myself.

I searched through many recipes looking for a ‘copy cat’ of this one but it seems they keep it a pretty good secret. Finally after several trial runs and taste testing of the original I found something me and my family enjoy. This has the right amount of heat and you can ramp it up even more if you like that ‘burn the mouth’ feeling when eating.

Nothing is going to compare against the original though. I will stop by if I see the food truck in my area and have enough to get it.

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Beef Roast with Mushroom Gravy (Easy)

porkMushroomRoastThis is one of those simple dishes where you can cook in the oven or even adapt to a crock pot version. This is an oven version utilizing the parts of the cow that tends to go on sale more.

You can use this recipe with Beef or Pork, I like this version with beef as it does add a different flavor.

Slow cooking this in the oven makes for the perfect ‘busy’ dish to where you can prep it ahead of time, set your automatic rice cooker to finish around dinner time and then get the rest of your chores done. I don’t like leaving the house with the oven on so if you need to leave then I suggest you use a crock pot. Probably the same thing but cook on low for a few hours depending on the size of your roast.

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How to make a ‘Loaded’ Ramen

2014-12-01 19.55.33Top Ramen is something quick, simple and cheap to make. I can find a pack for $0.19 at our local 99 cents store. But you can ‘fancy’ it up adding some easy ingredients to make it look like you just went to a ramen shop.

My kids love it and the amount if things you can add are endless. Here are just a few things you can add to the noodles and broth.

How to make it:

Top Ramen/Instant Ramen- Cook to instructions and place noodles into serving bowls. DO NOT add the soup until after you have added all your fix-in’s. Noodles and broth can be made at the very end as to not let the noodles get too cold.

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Okinawan (Purple) Sweet Potato Haupia Pie

sweetPotatoPieA tasty recipe that I learned from my mother-in-law. This is made with the Okinawan sweet potato or purple sweet potato. They are mostly found in Asian grocery stores.

Okinawan sweet potatoes are very good for you being high in antioxidants. It tastes great on it’s own or in a savory dish, but this one is fully sweet and a nice desert without being overly sweet.

If you want to use this recipe for a party, you can double the filling and topping and instead of a pie crust, make it in a baking dish with a graham cracker crust on the bottom. Then cut into cubes and place into cupcake foils and there you have perfect single servings.

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Deep Fried Mochi Balls (Poi)

mochi_poiThis is something I remember as a kid. You can use powdered poi for this if you have it, but I had to make it fully from scratch.

This is a good party dish and can stay out for long periods of time without needing refrigeration. It’s best served hot so the outside is crispy. The inside should be gooey in texture.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can take out the poi or add any other flavor you’d like. Some suggestion are sweet potatoes (purple or red), azuki bean paste, chocolate or strawberries or you can just leave it out and just have it plain with the brown sugar.

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Furikake Chex Mix – revised


I know it’s been a while since I posted anything in this blog. Haven’t had time to cook but I hope you are able to become a fan of my Facebook page:

This is a revised recipe, with more detailed instructions on a classic holiday treat. Made mostly for sharing and passing out for Christmas this Furikake Chex mix can be made to your own taste. The basics I’ve given you but feel free to add your own mix ins. This is a slightly sweet, slightly salty flavor. I tried my best to even out the sauce mixture to make it a balanced blend. If it ends out being too sweet for you, reduce the corn syrup to a 1/2 cup instead of 3/4 cups. Have fun, enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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One Pan Teri Ground Beef

teriGroundBeefThe classic, “What’s for dinner?” question answered with, “Whatever I throw together.” and this is one of those dishes. Improvising is fun in the kitchen, it’s even more fun when it comes out good.

This is a basic one pan dish using some greens to add color and get your kids used to seeing green on their plate. The spinach in this dish is mainly for fiber which most of us are lacking these days. Use fresh baby spinach like you find in the store for salads. This is why I like buying baby spinach is because you can eat it raw or cook it up.

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