Vegetable Chow Fun

When I was little, there was a place called Kwon On down in Kaimuki next to the Toys n’ Joys shop that (what I had thought) had the best Chow Fun. Here, it’s hard to find. I only found it in 1 place and that’s a restaurant called Dragon 21 in Cypress. Although my husband and me still argue about how wet or dry the noodles should be. The hardest part is to find the correct rice noodle that’s used in this dish. It took a while to find, but I finally found it at the 99 Ranch Market. This version is something I put together with just vegetables. You can serve it as a side dish to Char Sui or Teriyaki Chicken. I will be working on a different version of this recipe that has more proteins in it. Until then, hope you enjoy!


1 pkg Fresh Wide Rice Noodles

1 head Cabbage, shredded

1 Medium onion, sliced in strips

1 pkg bean sprouts

2 cups broccoli, cubed

2 cloves garlic, minced

½ tsp Peanut Oil

Black sesame seeds



2 T Black Bean Sauce (Black Bean Garlic Paste)

2 T Housin Sauce

2 T Shoyu

¼ C Sugar (or sugar substitute)

¼ tsp powdered Ginger

1 tsp Peanut Oil

Black Pepper to taste

Pinch of Ajino no Moto (optional)



In a small bowl, combine the ingredients for the sauce. Mix well and set aside.

In a large saucepan over Medium heat, add the peanut oil. Once heated, add the cabbage, onions, garlic, and broccoli. Spoon about 3 spoonful’s of sauce over the vegetables and allow to cabbage to cook down and broccoli to cook through.

If the noodles are folded over, cut both ends of the noodles and add everything to the pan. Add ½ of the sauce and bean sprouts. Break up the noodles with a wooden spoon and continue to stir everything together. The noodles should cook quickly and it shouldn’t be too watery. You don’t need to add any more liquid. Keep the remaining sauce and use more if you feel it needs more flavor. You can add additional pepper to taste.

Cook until noodles are separated. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds before serving.

Additional Ideas: You can add, take out, or substitute any of the vegetables with ingredients you like. You can also use meats tofu. If using meat, cook the selected meat first after heating the oil until browned, then add your vegetables and continue with the recipe from there.


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