An Angry Bird Birthday

Today is my son’s birthday and like every other year, he wants a really cool birthday cake, even if he doesn’t have a big party. One year it was Wall-E and my sister made him a cool Wall-E cake made of rice crispy treats, another year it was Spongebob and I tried my best in making his face, last year it was Lego Bricks for his party and it turned out pretty cute. This year, he asked me and his aunty for cakes. It was initially a Super Mario bro. cake, but then I figured Angry Bird cupcakes would be easier. Little did I know that not only would I be making the little Angry Birds and pigs, but big ‘ole Mr. King Pig as well.

(more pictures after the link)

The cake itself if box Betty Crocker cake but the whole construction was me (and my kids, yes, I made him decorate his own birthday cake).

I won’t take too much credit for this because I got the idea from one of The Crafting Chicks blogs about her making Angry Bird cupcakes for her son’s birthday party. The ‘King Pig’ was purely experimental though.

This is basically what I had to use:

  • 2 Boxes Cake Mix (I also used egg white product instead of eggs to save the cholesterol)
  • 2 containers frosting
  • 5-10 regular marshmallows
  • 10-15 mini marshmallows
  • black gel
  • red & green sugar crystals
  • Peach Gummy Candy (from the 99cent store) -because it had orange and yellow for the beaks
  • Candy coated chocolate covered sunflower seeds (only because I had them) but you can use something like Jelly Beans for the pig ears and decorations
  • Food Coloring (Red, Green , Blue & Yellow)
  • Toothpicks -for the larger King Pig to hold everything together.

It doesn’t look great, but it was something my kids and  I could do together. If you want to do something similar, just be creative with what you got. I used a lot of toothpicks to hold everything together and the marshmallows went a long way.

This is my set up. I cut thin circles for the birds’ bellies, I cut marshmallows in half for the pig noses and I cut mini marshmallows in half and placed black decorating gel in the middle for all of their eyes. The crown was made of 3 marshmallows cut diagonally with one in half in the middle. I eventually used toothpicks to keep them together.
Marshmallow parts

Here are all the individual cupcakes that my sons and me made.

Little Pigs

Green Birds

White Bird

Blue Birds

Red Birds

All of them

I know they don’t look the best, but it was fun making them and my kids loved making them.

I have seen sooo many Angry Bird cakes on the net and I know there are some pretty cool ones, but I wasn’t planning on trying to work with the fondant gum paste to try and make these things supper pretty.


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