Nori Wrapped Chicken

This was a recipe from my Rubio family cookbook. I tried it because it seemed interesting, then I decided to make my own improvements on it. Although it is fried, my kids love the taste of it and of course the size of it. They turn out like little chicken sticks and they’re easy to pick up. I’ve seen several versions, but I like this one because of the simplicity of the recipe and the prep work. You can even prep this dish in the morning and quickly fry it up right before dinner. You can include a dipping sauce with this, but if you soak the chicken for long enough, then you won’t need it. You can also substitute the leafy vegetable with something else you like; my priority is to have as much veggies in my food as possible.

Inspired by Linda Pagente

makes 18-20 pieces



6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs

½ C Cornstarch

½ Tapioca Starch

1/8 tsp Ground Black Pepper

1/8 tsp Garlic Powder (optional)

6-7 Bok Choy leaves (or other leafy greens) cut in half or strips

9-10 sheets of Nori Wrap, cut in half

Canola Oil for Frying



¼ C Shoyu

¼ tsp Kosher Salt

¼ C Splenda Granulated Sugar

1/8 tsp Ground Ginger

1/8 tsp Ground Black Pepper

5 cloves garlic, crushed

1/8 tsp sesame oil

Dash of crushed red peppers (optional)


Take your chicken and cut them into strips lengthwise. Each chicken should make about 3 strips depending on your thickness. You should keep the chicken about a ½-1 inch wide.

In a bowl, mix your marinade ingredients and place chicken strips in for at least 40 minutes to 2 hours. The longer the chicken marinades, the more flavor soaks in.

In a large bowl, combine Cornstarch, Tapioca Starch, Ground Black Pepper and Garlic Powder if desired. Make sure everything is blended well. While the chicken finishes marinating, prepare your nori sheets and bok choy strips on separate plates.

When the chicken is finished marinating, place each strip (one-by-one for 2-3 at a time) into the cornstarch mixture and coat evenly and set aside on a separate plate. Be sure to cover every inch of the chicken so you can get a nice crispy crust. Repeat with all chicken strips until done. Discard any leftover sauce and cornstarch mixture.

To assemble, place your nori sheet shinny side down (the rough side should be facing up. Place your bok choy strip along the smaller part of the nori sheet, about 2 inches away from the edge. Place your chicken strip above that. The chicken and bok choy should hang over the nori, they should stick out the sides.

Fold over the nori and roll all the way up, (like you were rolling sushi) wetting the end of the wrapper to help seal it up. Just place a small bowl of water on the side to help you with this. Place your finished roll aside on a plate or baking sheet. Repeat this with the rest of the chicken pieces.

Once finished, you can wrap up the chicken and refrigerate until ready to fry.

To cook; fill a saucepan with about 2 inches deep of oil or use a deep fryer with enough oil to submerge. Heat the oil to 400°F. Place your chicken strips into the oil and fry until golden brown on the tips of the chicken and the nori bubbles and turns slightly yellow. You should be able to fry 3-4 pieces at a time, do not over crowd the pan or it will take longer to cook. The nori will not be that crispy, but be sure not to overcook the chicken so it doesn’t dry out. Take out chicken strip and place on wire rack to drain. Let the oil heat back up before placing another batch into the oil.

Serve hot, on its own or with rice.


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