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More brown, less white

A few years back, I made the choice to stop eating so much white products. After watching shows like Dr. Oz and listening to all my doctors tell me that I need to do something about my eating habits to … Continue reading

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Quick Kine Spaghetti Sauce (in a Wok)

This is a variation of my Slow cooker spaghetti sauce, but made in a shorter period. With only an hour to fully make dinner, I was able to pull the whole thing off (including a meat dish and salad) in … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Here is a special post out of rotation just for today. It’s Valentine’s here again, February 14th where lovers get together a spoil each other,  but Valentine’s day here is more for the kids than it is for me. =::( … Continue reading

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Fried Rice #4 (aka Jonny’s Fried Rice)

Why 4? Because I’ve done 3 different version of fried rice before, Chinese, Zippy Style, my husbands’, and this would be a slightly altered version so my son would like it. He didn’t like my husband’s version because of the … Continue reading

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The SEXY Burger Truck!

I figure since this is a type of ‘food’ blog, I might as well blog about the food I’ve eaten and not only made. This will be a review of a food truck I’ve come across. I haven’t really eaten … Continue reading

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