The SEXY Burger Truck!

I figure since this is a type of ‘food’ blog, I might as well blog about the food I’ve eaten and not only made. This will be a review of a food truck I’ve come across. I haven’t really eaten at food trucks before so this was a unique experience. Now everyone should know, food trucks don’t always have the healthiest of foods, and this truck is no exception. This holds up to must burger joints, and if I’m going to eat some ‘junk food’ I might as well indulge my ass off.

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I found out about the Sexy Burger truck a few months ago when it made a special stop near my home for a Tae Kwon Do Studio called Team Intense. From what I know, one of its owners has a sibling in the studio so they make regular trips down there. The first time they came, I didn’t eat anything but my husband tried their special burger only available when they’re at this studio called the Intense Burger. The next time I saw the truck, we decided to grab dinner there.

Eating these burgers reminded me of an episode of Dinners, Drive-Inns and Dives… I felt like I needed a bypass after eating a burger, but it somehow seemed worth it. The prices are decent for a burger ranging from $5.00 to $8.00. They have a menu with specialized burgers but you can add your own things and I think you can make it your own. So I say it’s good for a once in a while treat, but having this every day or even every other day isn’t suggested so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So, for less than $25.00 we were able to order enough to feed my family of 4. The burgers are large, so for kids, splitting it in half was the best thing. My kids split an Intense burger, I had the Cow Girl, and my husband had a Hangover and we all split 2 orders of fries. My husband and I cut our burgers in half and shared each half with each other so we could taste the others. Their most basic burger is called the Naked burger. They also have The Sexy burger, The Big Nasty and The Big Mama, amongst other flavor combinations.

The Intense Burger: This is a special burger for the Team Intense Martial Arts studio, it has the normal burger topped with a thick slice of SPAM topped with a fried egg and spicy mayo (which isn’t too spicy so don’t worry too much if you’re sensitive to spicy things). It get a thumbs up from my boys and my husband loved it while he was eating it, but slightly regretted eating the whole thing in one shot afterward. This burger is ONLY available when they’re at this studio (I think since I’ve never seen them anywhere else) so if you want to try this you, you have to stop by the corner of Lincoln and Western in Anaheim.

Cow Girl: This is basically their take on the Bacon Western burger offered at Carl’s Jr., but with more butter in the bun and more grease if you like that thing. Their basic burger topped with bacon, and onion ring and BBQ sauce. I liked it, the bun is what made it different from the rest of those that I had and the patty had nice flavoring to it. What surprised me about all the burgers is how soft the buns where which showed me how fresh they were. All in all it wasn’t bad for the price.

The Hangover: This to me seemed more like a breakfast burger, but tasted just as good in the evening. Instead of the regular patty, they use a spicy Italian sausage (now this one IS spicy so I hope you can handle the heat) with a fried egg on top with spicy mayo and a slice of Swiss cheese served with a side a syrup. I questioned this at first, but tried it. The sweetness of the syrup can offset the spicy of the sausage, but it’s not necessary to eat it with.

Although they were good burgers and I have nothing against the cooks or the owners, I just wish they had slightly more veggies on the burgers (in way of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms for example) on most or all of their burgers it would add to the flavor and maybe counter act some of the butter and grease used. But I don’t think that would happen anytime soon since those food trucks don’t normally go for healthy.

My suggestion to those who decide to get some burgers here is get it to go (hopefully you’re close to your home) and cut it in half and serve it with a salad topped with some grape tomatoes. And although their fries (which are $2.00) are good if they fry them for a long time, try baking off some sweet potato fries to go along with it. Since I partially had dinner made (a carrot miso soup in the slow cooker-it was an impulse dinner since the truck was there and my husbands’ eyes were wide) when we got home, my kids ate it with some miso soup as well, but as my first experience with a freshly made food truck burger, it was pretty good.

The Sexy Burger Truck is an Orange County based truck out of Southern California, so sorry to everyone else who isn’t in the area. But if you’re ever in town, check out their Facebook or Twitter account to pinpoint where they’re going to be parked at and enjoy some sexiness.

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