Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Here is a special post out of rotation just for today. It’s Valentine’s here again, February 14th where lovers get together a spoil each other,  but Valentine’s day here is more for the kids than it is for me. =::(
But there’s no crying here because I love my kids and I feel that Valentine’s day should be about the LOVE you have for everyone around you and that in itself should be celebrated. (more pics after the link)

Last year I did a whole Japanese sushi (you can see that on my Flikr page if you’d just click to the right here) spread and this is it hearts galore. Using a home made pizza dough recipe (which will post next month hopefully) I made my kids a loving, Pokemon ball heart pizza and baked chicken fingers.

So I just though I should share the love and show what you can do any other time of the year. I’ve done a ‘Pokeball’ pizza before using pepperoni slices for the red part of the ball and olives for the middle and the boys liked it. Since I had olives once again I decided to do the same things. You can use any dough you want for the heart or if you just want the ball you just use those pre-made doughs you find at the store that’s already cooked and you just have to add the toppings. For kids, you just have to be creative.


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A typical stay@home mom who works with things around the house.
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