Paul’s Place

Paul’s Place is one of those places that tease me every week when I pass by, even more so since my husband since he sees it every day on the way to work. It’s always busy and ironically it has quite a bit of cops hanging around the restaurant. After going online and seeing their ratings and reviews, I was compelled to give it a try.

Paul’s Place has a diner & fast food kind of feel. Not only do they have in house dining but a drive through as well.

 As we figured, when we got there, there was no parking in the lot, but we eventually found a spot. So be warned, parking is tight. Coming into the restaurant you’re met with a fast food ordering system. The menu is overwhelming with the amount you can choose from classic burgers, tacos and Greek dishes they also have a nice western breakfast menu which we wish we ordered from. We had no idea breakfast was available, because breakfast is normally over at 10:30am at most fast food spots. But reading the take-out menu I saw that on the weekends breakfast is served until 1pm.

Once making your order, you take a number and find your seat, which is easier said than done. We had first started off in one of the inside booths but it was crowded and stuffy so since it was a nice day outside, we decided to take advantage of the outdoor dining. We got their just in time as one party was leaving so the staff quickly cleared the table and we sat down. The wait for the food was about 15 minutes, not too long to make my kids get fidgety.

The burgers are gourmet quality style and served with fries. The onion rings, which I saw go out when I was ordering so I had to order some, where thick without too much batter. The burgers were big; we had the basic cheese, a chili, and a cheese & bacon burger. The patties themselves were large which more than matches the price we paid for them and with the half plate of fries; it was about 2 meals in one for a plate. In total, with 4 combos (burger, fries & a drink) and the order of onion rings, the bill was around $40 which is pretty good for a family of 4 in this area.

All the dishes are served on ceramic plates so it has a lovely sit down restaurant feel but with a family friendly environment. Drinks though, are self-served with a soda fountain featuring Orange Bang (which if you haven’t had before you should) and the sweet Horchata as well as your basic soda fountain drinks which are refillable. Since the portions were so large, my kids and I (my husband is such a pig) needed to take it home, but they have their entire take out containers in the front so that makes it easier since the staff is so busy. So we packed up all our food, got another refill of orange bang (they get an A just for having that drink) and went on our way.

The overall experience was good, nothing bad other than the crowd but that’s a good thing as well because us shows how popular this place is. I want to go back, we probably will go back because the first thing I wanted to order (Philly cheesesteak) is only available in the late afternoon and of course my husband and I both want to try the breakfast menu. So I’ll probably so a small post when that happens.

The Paul’s Place I went to is located in Anaheim, but there are several all over California, so check out their website to find a location near you and hopefully the experience will be the same.


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