Easy Chicken Adobo

I know, I know. Most of my friends and ALL of my family should know this recipe. But I feel it should be placed on here. I wanted to write down the recipes that are ‘in my head’ so that my children and new friends I make know it. Chicken adobo is one of the basic dishes my mom wanted us to know. It’s one of the traditional Filipino dishes we ate on a regular basis and from what I’ve seen, it’s made in several different ways. I was taught how to make it years ago, when I was about 17, and the recipe is basic, but of course I decided to add my own embellishments. I like the flavor of the adobe to be strong and I love the garlic and pepper taste which is why I always double up on it.


10-14 Chicken Drumsticks*

½ C Shoyu + 3 T

½ C Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tsp minced garlic

6-8 Peppercorns

4-5 large Bay leaves (6-8 small)

Garlic powder

Ground black pepper


In a large bowl, place your chicken. Pour the shoyu, vinegar and minced garlic on the chicken, cover and let marinade for 1-2 hours turning the chicken half way through to let all the chicken soak.

In a large pan or wok, heat to medium high and pour your marinated chicken in. Can you a large pot as well. Sprinkle garlic powder & and black pepper on. Add bay leaves and peppercorn, stir to combine and spread. Cover and let cook covered for about 15-20 minutes, stirring and basting occasionally.

Uncover and stir chicken making sure to turn pieces so the sauce can get on both sides. Cook for about 15 minutes until most of the liquid is gone or reduced and the chicken is cooked on the inside (take out a piece and check if you need to). Be sure to continue to baste the chicken with the sauce to get a nice coating on the chicken.

Serve hot over rice.

*Can substitute with about 6-8 thighs (diced) or a large bag of chicken wings & drumettes. Just adjust your cooking time so the meat doesn’t dry out. Mostly likely a shorter time is needed.

Warning: This is a STRONG tasting adobo, I like mine very strong. Scale back on the shoyu and vinegar and add some water to reduce the flavor if you’re not up for the intense flavor.


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