MYO Manapua Buns

MYO stands for Make-Your-Own, it’s something my kids love doing and when I first introduced this version to them they were pretty excited. They said “it’s just like making your own taco’s”…but the Chinese versions of tacos. I remember doing this at the noodle shops but with less veggies like I add into it. Basically it was a folded steamed bread that you peel open and place a slice of Char Sui (BBQ Pork) in and eat it like that. I think it was eaten more as a side, but I was so small when I remember having it and I was dying to try to figure out the dough and of course the technique in making it. You can honestly add your own fillings into it and change up the meat to roasted pork (Chinese style with the crispy skin), or duck. Side this with some soup and a salad and you have a nice little meal that’s healthy for you.


Manapua Dough, Steamed in buns (whole recipe)

1 lb Char Sui Pork, sliced

1 bunch green onions

2-3 Bunches baby Bok Choy

½ sweet (Maui) Onion, sliced thin

2-3 large carrots, peeled

¼ C Rice Vinegar

¼ C Splenda Granulated Sugar

1/8 tsp Turmeric

¼ C filtered water

Garlic Powder

Hot Mustard (optional)


*Take your peeled carrots and using a peeler, make thin ribbons of the carrots. Use up all carrots and set aside core for use in another dish (or carrots sticks). Place carrot ribbons in shallow Tupperware container with an air tight lid and set aside.

Mix rice vinegar, sugar, turmeric and water a sauce pan and boil until all the sugar is dissolved and it reduces. Set aside and let cool. Pour over the carrot ribbons. Toss the carrots so everything is nicely coated. Cover and set in fridge for at least an hour until ready to use.

Cut the green onions into about 2-3” strips, slice each strip in half (if your onions are large then quarter it) and set aside until ready to serve.

Fill a large bowl with cold water. Separate the bok choy leaves from the core and place into water to wash any dirt particles off. Separate the leaf from the hard steam, place stem aside for use in another dish. Fold the bok choy leaves in half (and in half again if possible) and slice into ½” pieces and set aside.

Line a steamer pan (or 1 layer of a bamboo steamer) with tin foil and place your bok choy leaves and thin onion slices, sprinkle with some garlic powder and steam for 10-15 minutes before serving.

Lay out 4 serving dishes (in various sizes to fit amount of food) and plate your: sliced char sui, pickled carrot ribbons, green onion strips, steamed bok choy and onions.

Fill a small dish with hot mustard for garnish.

To warm manapua buns (if made ahead of time) place in a steamer for 5 minutes until soft and warm.

Serve manapua buns hot (in the bamboo steamer basket)

Lay out 4-6 small plates and let your guests put in their own ingredients into the bun to their taste.

*Can also add Daikon with this if you have. Follow the same instructions as with the carrots.


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