The Curry House

I’ve been to the curry house a few times before but it’s been a few years since the last visit. We went there to take advantage of the summer special of kids eat free and boy was it busy. The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner, from 12 noon to 9:00pm and longer during the week. We got there 20 minutes before noon and although the parking lot was relatively empty, you could see a select few people waiting in their cars for it to open, and now we were one of them.

Curry House sells Japanese style curry dishes which is a variation off Indian style curry. They’re a dine-in restaurant but have select things to ‘take out’ including curry pan, which is a hot bun, filled with curry and vegetables and fried, a very popular snack in Japan. Majority of curry dishes are served with rice and you can exchange the white for brown rice or curry pilaf. They also have spaghetti as well, for those who don’t have a taste for curry. I know it took a while to get my own kids used to curry, but my youngest still only likes the kind I make.

After the restaurant opened, it filled up quickly as people piled in to find a seat. As expected, 80% of the customers were families with young children. The children’s menu is small with a curry, spaghetti (which you can choose curry or meat sauce) and a chicken teriyaki dish. All kids’ meals come with fries, corn, an orange and a corn potage, which is pretty good as simplified corn chowder.

For me, I decided to try the omelet special, what I’ve seen called omurice, which is a simplified fried rice, in this case a curry pilaf, topped with an scrambled egg. They come in pork, chicken, or ground beef katsu among other meat topping and of course topped with their curry sauce in mild, medium or spicy. My husband went with a traditional hamburger curry topped with a sunny side up egg, he compared it to the Hawaii Loco Moco, curry style.

The food came out hot and quick, the wait time wasn’t that long as compared to other places, but they didn’t come out at the same time. The wait time between the dishes wasn’t long enough to complain about, but it was with it. The food was good and not too spicy. I was happier that my boys liked the food since curry isn’t always child friendly. But luckily, they take after their parents to that aspect.

The portions were very filling, but my kids still wanted a desert. So my kids decided on a tofu cheesecake (sorry no pics) which was surprisingly not sweet, just a small hint and the custard pudding which with Japanese fashion isn’t sweet as well which didn’t overwhelm my taste buds and was actually more satisfying then something that was overly rich and sweet.

So this Cypress curry shop gets a big thumbs up from me, and of course the comeback factor is definitely high. If you have a craving for some Japanese style curry and are too lazy to make it, then look for a Curry House near you, and don’t forget to try the curry buns! I’m still waiting until we go back again to get those….mmm.

Sorry I didn’t get much pictures, honestly, I was hungry. I’ll try to get more pics next time or better yet, why don’t you guys post your experience and pictures in the comments.

To check out this restaurant and it’s many locations visit their website:


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