Ponyo Ramen and Beyond

ponyoRamen“HAAAAAAMMM!!!!” A great movie for kids an adults alike, Ponyo is a movie by Hayao Miyazaki which is about a girl who was born of the sea and finds friendship in a human boy and her adventure and transformation. In the movie, Ponyo, the main character, is introduced to instant ramen using her newly favorite food HAM!

This dish is replicated many times around the web since its a cute dish that celebrates the movie. I decided to do this because I had a lot of ham leftovers from Easter dinner, and of course a lot of hard boiled eggs the kids colored and didn’t finish. I added a few more things to get the health factor up since this dish is mainly for the kids. A quick dinner which takes less then 30 minutes to make and feeds 4 people.


3 packs instant Top Ramen, oriental flavor

4 handfuls spinach, about a medium size bowl

4 hard boiled (or soft boiled) eggs

4 large slices baked leftover ham

8 baby carrots

Green onions for garnish



In a small saucepan pour 2 cups of water over high heat. Add 1 packet of seasoning and let come to a boil. Add 3 packs of noodles and cook until slightly soft and noodles are apart.

Separate noodles evenly into 4 different bowls and set aside. Reduce heat to medium high and add your spinach and baby carrots and let the spinach blanch until they are slightly wilted and soft. This will take about 2 minutes.

Place the spinach evenly into the bowls onto one side of the noodles. You can even shove over the noodles a little to fit it into the side. The ham will eventually cover the spinach.

Placed the cooked ham in the saucepan, you should be able to fit all 4 if not, just 2 at a time. Let warm up for 2 minutes.  Remove ham and place over spinach covering it fully. If you have ham slices with rounded sides, place the round side along the edge of the bowl.

Check your baby carrots, if tender and cooked, remove them from the saucepan and place on top of ham 2 in each bowl.

Cut your hard boiled eggs in half and place both halves in the bowl opposite the ham. Repeat for the 3 other bowls.

Turn your saucepan to low and add 1 more cup of water plus 1-2 sauce packets from the ramen, depending how strong you want the broth. Let simmer and blend well. Once heated, carefully pour enough broth to just come up to the noodles, floating the eggs a bit but not past the ham. Garnish with green onions going in a straight line across right between the eggs and ham.

Serve hot and enjoy.

*You can substitute the spinach for Bok Choy as well.


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