Deep Fried Mochi Balls (Poi)

mochi_poiThis is something I remember as a kid. You can use powdered poi for this if you have it, but I had to make it fully from scratch.

This is a good party dish and can stay out for long periods of time without needing refrigeration. It’s best served hot so the outside is crispy. The inside should be gooey in texture.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can take out the poi or add any other flavor you’d like. Some suggestion are sweet potatoes (purple or red), azuki bean paste, chocolate or strawberries or you can just leave it out and just have it plain with the brown sugar.


1 Box Mochiko flour

1/2 -1 box Brown sugar (more or less depending on how sweet you want it)

2 C Poi


Oil for frying

Potato Starch



Combine mochiko and brown sugar in a large bowl and mix until blended well and there are no brown sugar clumps.

Mix in your poi and add water little by little to the mixture until firm dough is formed. Do not make too watery or it will be hard to mold and work with and it won’t hold its form.

Powder your hands with potato starch and roll the dough into 1-2 inch balls, set aside. Another method is to place potato starch in a large plate and using 2 spoons, create a football shape, scooping mixture from one spoon to another. Place into starch and sprinkle and set aside.

In deep fryer or a large pan, heat oil tob350°F. Carefully drop your mochi balls into the oil and fry until browned but not burned. It can take anywhere from 10-15 min, try to make sure the inside of the mochi is fully cooked so it should a golden brown, slightly darker.

Remove from oil and let drain on a wire rack or paper towel. Tastes good served hot or cold.

If the inside is not fully cooked you can place in the oven at 350 degrees and cook for about 15min until the inside is cooked.


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