I have been a housewife for almost 10 years now, and within that time I had to learn how to cook for my family. I didn’t get to experience much of a single life on my own since I did marry right out of high school, but I was lucky enough to have some basic knowledge on how to use a stove and a knife to at least prepare some type of meal for my new husband. As I started my family I wanted to be able to cook more types of food. We’ve been through financial ups and downs and through those times, I had to learn to not depend on pre-packaged foods and actually make most of my foods from scratch.

I asked my husband if he liked my cooking compared to the rest of my family, and he said “yes” because I make a lot of ‘comfort’ food, things he likes to eat.  I’ve been going back into our childhood and trying to make the things our mothers used to, but with a twist, possibly healthier and with more flavor and seasoning. I LOVE to use seasons, I’ve tried to stray away from using a lot of salt in my cooking and using a lot of ‘free’ seasons that don’t add a lot of calories to a dish but keep the flavor. Right now, I’m still a novice at cooking in my own opinion, but I take pride that I can feed my children food that they like to eat.

I started my exploration in different types of food just out of necessity since I couldn’t feed my family baked chicken and rice every single night. I wanted a new variety of foods as well as some of the foods I had when I was younger back home in Hawaii. But living on the mainland, it’s hard to find those ‘local style cuisines’ outside of L&L and the Loft restaurant (although I do miss Zippy’s). I searched the web for the Asian and Hawaiian recipes that I loved and combined some to make the flavor similar to what I remember, or more to my tastes, and since I figured these recipes out, I decided to write them down and share them with everyone and that’s how I came to start this blog.

My goal is not to become a professional or to open up any kind of restaurant or shop, but I like seeing people eating and enjoying things that I made. The road ahead of me is long and there are a lot of things for me to learn, but hopefully you can come along with me on this journey and maybe we can help each other along the way.


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