I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL COOK.  I have no professional culinary background nor have I studied nutritional science. Any recipes and options expressed on this blog are purely from a normal, everyday ‘mother’ standpoint. I do express knowledge I have seen on TV or read in books or online. If I do remember the reference of where I received that fact from I will try to state it in my writing. Any tips on cooking are from my own experience and might not work for all people. Like most people, I am learning and time goes by so if you have any advice and tips for me, they are fully welcomed in the comments.

My recipes are mostly variations of other recipes either from a cook book or passed down through family or something I figured out on my own.  Feel free to take any one of my recipes and ‘make it your own’ by adding or subtracting your own ingredients. I have not patented anything nor have any copyright on any of the recipes presented on this site. They are of free use for anyone who wishes to use them.

Please use safe judgment when cooking. Always cook meat thoroughly especially pork and chicken and never cross contaminate your working surface.

So have fun and enjoy my blog. Don’t forget to comment and share!


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