How to make a ‘Loaded’ Ramen

2014-12-01 19.55.33Top Ramen is something quick, simple and cheap to make. I can find a pack for $0.19 at our local 99 cents store. But you can ‘fancy’ it up adding some easy ingredients to make it look like you just went to a ramen shop.

My kids love it and the amount if things you can add are endless. Here are just a few things you can add to the noodles and broth.

How to make it:

Top Ramen/Instant Ramen- Cook to instructions and place noodles into serving bowls. DO NOT add the soup until after you have added all your fix-in’s. Noodles and broth can be made at the very end as to not let the noodles get too cold.

What You Can Add

Bean sprouts: boil your soup broth base or just plain water in a pot. When water comes to a boil, put a handful of bean sprouts and cook for about 2 minutes at most depending how crunchy you like your bean sprouts.

Shabu-Shabu Beef or Pork: Use thinly sliced beef or pork and a seasoned soup base/broth. Make sure it comes to a rolling boil and carefully put one piece of meat at a time. It only takes a few seconds to cook so quickly remove the meat and place aside.

Mushrooms: Par-boiled is the best if using. Some mushrooms like the regular button mushrooms (in picture) can be just rinsed and placed on. Make sure they are sliced thin. Shitake mushrooms or any other Asian mushrooms work as well.

Kamaboko (Fish Cake): Nice traditional topping for most ramen. Slice thin, no cooking required. They come in different styles from the round one (pictured) to the half moon style. They also come in different colors with pink & white being the most popular.

Eggs: The easiest is hard boiled which you can do ahead a time. Even a somewhat soft boiled is good just as long as the white is fully cooked. You can also do it Tomagoyaki style adding a sugar, water & dashi mixture to the egg to make it a little sweet. You can cook it with a traditional Tomagoyaki pan or just mix all he ingredients together and scramble it.

Broccoli/Bok Choy: (or both can work) Just par-boil the vegetables until slightly tender. Do not let the broccoli turn to a pail green. It should be a bright green when cooked.

Charsiu Pork (BBQ Pork): Chinese BBQ pork roast sliced thin is also a good thing to add. If you already have some left overs just slice it up and add it in.

Corn Kernels: Something that you find in those cup noodle things and also in ramen shops. Just take some plain corn kernels (canned or frozen) and add in. If frozen just make sure it sits out for a bit to defrost.

Nori (seaweed): Normally added as a small single sheet to the side, this adds more green and is really good. Place on top or on the side once the soup base is in. Do not submerse in soup or it will get soggy. Leave that for later when you’re ready to eat it.

Carrots: Sliced thin or you can use a vegetable cutting (like he flower ones) and par boil them until they’re tender. You can do it in regular water.

Potsickers: I like the Ling-Ling brand but you can use any type. Boil water and place whatever amount you want. I normally do 2-3 a bowl depending on how much stuff you put in. Boil for about 3-5 minutes then remove into a small bowl. Pour a little bit of the sauce included and lightly coat. Put onto the side until ready to place on.

Green Onions (garnish): slice it normally into pieces or into thin strips and place on top when all he other fix ins are added. Just sprinkle it on or if sliced into strips, place on one side of bowl.

Toasted Sesame Seeds (garnish): Not something everyone likes, but just sprinkle some on at the end.

….When you’re done preparing everything you’d like to place in your ramen, cook the noodles. If you’ve used to broth to cook I would double check the seasoning is okay adding more seasoning and water if necessary. Keep the broth hot as you’re preparing all your ramen bowls with the toppings. When all the toppings are in place pour the soup base on then place the garnishes on.

This dish is really good on a cold night and it will make you look like a professional ramen shop. Impress your kids, friends and family with these simple little things you can add to your simple 19 cents packet of ramen.


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