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Baked Teriyaki Chicken Skin

What’s the best part of a chicken? “THE SKIN!” as my son would say. This is one of those “This is why you’re fat” recipes. I ONLY do it on occasion and I actually had to save the chicken skin … Continue reading

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Tangelo Chicken

I happened to come across a tangelo someone gave me, just one. I’ve never eaten one before and I didn’t know what to do with it. Since it looked like an orange and it seemed like it was from the … Continue reading

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Water, water and even more water

Now I’m not saying to drown yourself, but water IS good for you. It’s good for the planet, it’s good for us. When trying to change your way of eating you should also change your drinking habits. We Americans consume … Continue reading

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Chicken Stewed Soup

This was a crock pot experiment of things I had in the house. This is a good dish on cold nights and especially if you’re busy. I just used the odd number of chicken thighs I had (3 thighs with … Continue reading

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